Oberon Steam Fest February 2016

P1040054   CopyThe plan was to meet for a coffee at 8.00am at the Mount Victoria Caltex Servo.  The run from home was clear and without incident.  Google Maps App said it would take 1.5 hours to drive - It was correct.
I ordered my coffee and sat by the window where I could see the others arrive.  Five minutes into my coffee my pocket started to ring...  

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26 January 2016 - Australia Day at Camden

P1030991It was a dubious start to the nations big day out.  I arrived just in time to pick up my ride to the celebrations at Camden.  Andy Nash’s latest acquisition, a 1981 Ford F350 fire truck had other plans.  The auto electrician had the truck all day the previous day and had given it the all clear.  Andy had the engine idling for half an hour before driving the truck home. Everything seemed OK.  But this morning was a different story.  The engine would not turn over.  We couldn’t very well go down the road and get a can of “start ya-bastard”.  It wouldn’t have  helped any way!  After analysis the one thing we did not know was the status of the battery - it was “NFG” (no good). 

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Club Christmas Party at Cambelltoen Steam Museum - November 2015

P1030954Just for a change it was decided to hold the club’s Christmas Party in the evening at the
Campbelltown Steam Museum.  The weather was cool and cloudy so no one suffered sunburn or got rained on.  In fact it was a perfect day for a party.  
The venue was quite intriguing!  I hadn’t visited the museum for quite some time.  So while the finishing touches for the evening’s festivities were being finalised there was time for me to have a walk around the grounds.  I had heard that Paul Dove was in his “Pantech” shed sorting out some of his stuff while looking for lubricators for his Sentinel Steam Wagon.

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Convoy For Kids - Goulburn 2015

P1030929Discounting the grey, overcast and often misty weather conditions it was a wonderful day for the 2015 running of the Convoy For Kids - Goulburn.  The weather certainly did not dampen the enthusiasm of the day.  
As in previous Convoy For Kids, the main street was lined with people eager to catch a glimpse of the convoy of modern and vintage trucks that rumbled by and sounding their horns.  There were 123 trucks in total that participated. 

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2015 Clarendon Classic Machinery Rally

P1030870   CopyThe 2015 Clarendon Classic was always going to be a huge event, even bigger than last year.  As in previous Clarendon Classic Machinery Rallies there were celebrated features on show.  2015 was the year that featured anything made by the International Harvester Company, anything made by Sydney based makers and military vehicles to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1.

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July 2015 - Wauchope Truck Show

Travelogue by Andy Nash  Photos by Andy Nash and Bruce Brown11071649 10206390496014926 5966844255529265929 n 2
At 11am on Friday 10 July, Ann and I left Mount. Druitt with the UD tiltray loaded with the Bedford and the little red car in the trailer.  Our first stop was Beresfield where we had lunch.  We then continued onto
Wauchope arriving at 4.30pm. Bruce Brown and Bob Irwin had already arrived and set up camp at the showground.  After catching up with organiser Kirby Maxwell we unloaded the truck and had dinner at the showground, courtesy of the lions club.  There was a light shower of rain in the evening so we headed off to our nice warm hotel room.

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The 5th Annual Sydney Classic And Antique Truck Show

P1030749The fifth annual Sydney Classic & Antique Truck Show 2015  at the Museum of Fire, Penrith was a great success inspite of the cold and damp weather.  The Mulgoa Rumble was supported again by many trucks.  I rode shotgun with Andy Nash in his Chev tow truck.  We were tail gated by Bruce Brown in his recently painted Rice Burner.  When Andy & I received an "NRMA callout" to tow away a broken down vehicle, Bruce blew past us like he had just won a race. -Haha.  We found out later that he wanted to get back to his 5-star "Rice Burner Hotel" at Penrith Heights, to freshen up before dinner.
Phil  Cassells  cooked up his usual  treat.  Over fourteen enormous pots of chicken & vegie soup went very quickly because the cold night air chilled everyone to the bone.

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The Sixth Putty Road Truck Drivers Memorial Service - 2015

P1030719Saturday May 16 was an overcast and sombre day, similar to the mood of those gathered for the remembrance service for the truck drivers who lost their lives on the infamous Putty Road, only metres away.  There seemed to be less people attending and less vintage trucks standing guard this year, but there was a good crowd and the memories live on!
As in previous services there were additional plaques added to the memorial wall. Friends and families spent a moment or two in silence in front of the wall contemplating what was and what is now.  

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2015 Haulin' The Hume

Web Cover HTHThis time around and without transport I was unable to participate in the third “Haulin’ The Hume” run along Highway 31 to Yass.  But I was at the starting point on the Friday afternoon to watch some of the trucks arrive at the Hawkesbury Showground, Clarendon.  Trucks had started arriving early in the day.  Some had travelled from Victoria and some from outback New South Wales.  I couldn’t help but notice the “Haulin’ the Hume” trailer with it’s magnificent signage...truly a beautiful piece of art and a credit to the organising team.

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WHITE Muster - Kyabram, Victoria - March 2015

IMG 2262

Travelog and photos by Noelene West

After leaving home in the dark at 6.45 am Friday, daylight greeted us at Douglas Park with a beautiful sunrise.  We stopped at Yass for food and fuel and, met up with Peter Hand.  We also had a surprise meeting with Boris Satara who we know through the RCA car club.  Boris was on his way to one of the Salt Lakes where his son races his car and Peter travelled with us as far as Gundagai where he was going to visit his son.  After Yass there was a strong head wind which got stronger the further we travelled towards Kyabram.  We stopped at Albury for fuel before arriving in Kyabram about 5.00 pm. and booked into our cabin, dinner and bed.

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Lockhart Verandah Town's 7th National Historic Truck & Commercial Vehicle Show - March 2015


     I travelled to Lockhart on Friday with Bruce Brown in his, now famous, Toyota DA115. The intention was to travel in convoy with Dave West in his Diamond-T and Peter Hand in his Dodge Paper Truck. However, Bruce & I arrived late at the designated meeting place and so the others left ahead of us.

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Oberon Steam & Machinery Fair

Oberon Convoy - Copy 3On Friday we left home late in the day but caught up to the WSHTC convoy just as it turned off the Jenolan Caves road for the final 15 km's to Oberon.  The convoy, if you can call that, was Andy Nash with his collection of toys on the tilttray leading Bruce Brown in the 'much spoken about rice burning, bio-diesel powered, super-fast Toyota'.

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Australia Day - Camden -2015

P1030280Monday, 26th January 2015 marked 227 years since Captain Arthur Phillip landed on Australian soil.  It was also the coldest Australia Day in 50 years.  
Australia Day, what can I say...the atmosphere was a buzz with anticipation and excitement. The air was full of humidity and the highways were a blaze with flashing red and blue!  The more energetic of Camden residents were out very early, pounding the pavement before the start of the festivities.

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Convoy for Kids - Goulburn - 2014

P1030164 - CopyThe instruction said to assemble at the Pheasant's Nest Service Centre by 7am.  Having picked up my ride at 5.45am we arrived at the destination one hour later.   The parking lot was packed to capacity, mostly with club members trucks.   It is a good place for a coffee, a chat and a toilet stop before heading south to the Convoy for Kids starting line.  
    Bruce Brown wanted to get a photo of our team for the club's history before we set off.   He used his loud hailer to get everyone  together and woke up sleeping truckers in the process.   Afterwards we set off for Goulburn  in two separate mini convoys - the older slower trucks left first  and the faster ones left just after 8.00.

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Portland Spring Fair - Truck Show 2014

A1.Potland here we comePortland 2014 FWe arrived at Glenbrook Information Bay at 7am and met up with Bruce Brown, Ron Ross and Brad Dwyer. Brad's truck had a miss, and after a quick coil change we were on our way.
After stopping at Mt. Victoria for “wee wee stop” and drink, we arrived at Portland with just enough time to unload the jeep from Bruce’s truck for the street parade. Ann jumped in the jeep with Bruce and to the joy of the kids gave out flags along the way.

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2014 Clarendon Classic Rally


I was strapped into the harness and attached to the pod. There was a jolt followed by an uplifting experience as I was rocketed up to the heavens. It was early in the day but the view below me was really one to enjoy. The exhibits and displays had been set up the day before. But there were a couple of late-comers arriving.


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Dubbo Truck, Tractor & Machinery Show - 2014

The 6th Dubbo Antique Truck and Machinery Show Experience....

P1020902 - CopyP1020906 - CopySet up day was Friday 7 August 2014.  When members of the Western Sydney Historical Truck Club arrived at the showground, late in the afternoon, they were welcomed by organisers and directed to their accommodation, a ground floor unit at the Dubbo Showground Hillton. Armed with the access code to open the tent flap, Brad and company settled in.  It was a luxurious, extra large spread complete with triple bunks, central heating, kitchen facilities with microwave oven and fridge and an alfresco barbecue area on the balcony--- absolutely five star glamping!

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Breakfast Run at the Razorback 2014

P1020874For some of us who live in the north western side of the city the Breakfast Run to the top of the Razorback meant and early rise.  Scheduled to start at 8.30am, I arrived with plenty of time to spare for  what I thought would be a ‘first in line’ position at the breaky table.  I was wrong....

The breakfast, consisting of gourmet sausages, bacon, and eggs was all cooked and ready to eat when I arrived.  Celebrity chef, young Emily Dove was there, apron on, supervising her staff of many.  A  perfect job by our multi-talented  catering team.

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Yesteryear Truck & Machinery Show - Wauchope 2014

008 - Copy

Travelogue and Photograhs by Andy Nash

Friday - loaded up the Quarter Pounder, the Chev and the Small Fries trailer, had trouble with the trailer lights so didn't get away from Mt. Druitt until 11.30a.m. Saw Charlie Borg having lunch at BP Beresfield as we fuelled up. On to Coolongolook were Ann and I had lunch before arriving at Wauchope just before 5p.m.  Was directed where to unload everything by Kirby Maxwell before strolling into town for a great Chinese meal for Ann's birthday and then back to motel to thaw out as days were nice and sunny but nights were freezing.

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P1020764 - CopyFor the four days before the show the weather forecast was for showers and so my truck did not get an outing this year. But as it turned out the weekend was fine and cloudy.

When I arrived about 8:30 I was greeted by an Albion delivery truck and a model T Ford van both painted in period Arnott’s Biscuits livery. Tucked in behind them was a trolley bus. Dave West’s Diamond T was parked next to the stage area and Andy’s Chev Tow truck a few meters further away. There was a small number of other trucks as well. After a while Andy arrived with the Bedford and shortly after there was a traffic jam at the entry gate. All up there were 150 trucks.

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May 25 Breaky @ Mulgoa Park

P1020679 - Copy


Unlike the last  breakfast run, we didn’t have the expertise of 5 year old ‘Chef’ Emily to cook a gourmet breakfast for us.  Instead, rumour had it that Bruce Brown was volunteered to the job after trying to make a reservation with ‘conditions’.  It was also rumoured that Bruce might cremate the snags and over cook the eggs in his “Riceburner”.  There was a lot of concern voiced about Bruce’s cooking ability.

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Menangle Steam Museum - 2014

DSCN2178Story & photos by Noelene West

The weather was perfect not too hot – not too cold – we have been there under both very cold and very hot conditions.

The take-away food there was excellent – both from the Air League Group (hamburgers, sausage sandwiches, egg & bacon rolls) and the ladies working in the train where you can buy fresh sandwiches, yummy cakes, muffins and scones covered in jam and cream.

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Crawlin' The Hume - April 2014


DSCN1982 2Story & photos by David West

From Camden to Melbourne and Melbourne to Camden

“It never rains – it pours!!”

 Thursday morning 10th – the Diamond T is packed and ready to roll. We head south from   Camden then turn onto the Hume Freeway at Wilton-Picton interchange. The sky is very overcast and threatening.

 Travelling south towards Goulburn we overtake a loaded tanker and a (Reefer) van. As they say in America “Boppin along to Slim Dusty, John Williamson and Willy Nelson (On the road again). Then the rain started! Getting heavier further south – fuel and comfort stop at Yass Service   Centre. We rocked on towards Albury– front window rubbers leaking – maybe we should have brought a pump up raft.

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The Putty Road Truck Drivers Memorial - 17 May 2014

P1020678 - CopyThe third Saturday in May every year is earmarked by the families, friends and transport fraternity to remember those truck drivers who lost their lives along the infamous Putty Road while doing their job as professional drivers. This year marks the fifth year that the memorial service has been held at the Garry E Miller Park at Milbrodale, 27 kms south of Singleton. It is always a sombre occasion and tears are shed by those gathered as they remember their missing mates, husbands, fathers, brothers, sons.

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Test & Tune Run for "Crawlin' The Hume" in April

P1020607 2Sunday 16 March- Fine and partly cloudy, not too hot...a good day for the run.  At the starting gate was Ron with his F350, Joe with his KW 'Gold Nugget', Rob with his 'ghostly' blue KW Aerodyne and Brad with his Black Victory two-wheeled 'Special Delivery' rocket. Brad brought the bike for two reasons. His Dodge was still in the workshop in bits and the bike made it easy for him to get ahead of the group to photograph the trucks as they passed by. He just hoped it wouldn't rain.

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National Historic truck & Commercial Vehicle Show - Lockhart - A Different Perspective

DSCN1982 2Story and photos by Noelene West

We left Camden about 10.00 o’clock on a sunny Friday morning.  The red truck travelled really well (there and back).  We arrived in Yass at 1.00 o’clock, topped up with fuel and had lunch.  Waited a while for Bruce Brown but he had gone onto Bookham.  We left Yass about 2.15 pm and arrived in Lockhart about 5.15 pm.  

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Lockhart Show - 2014

Picture1 LOCK2014Story and photos by Bruce Brown

We set out early on Friday morning for a casual drive to Lockhart. When we pulled  into the checking station at Marulan one inspector ask me “What IS IT?” And then had three go over & under the truck looking everywhere for a non-existent  compliance plate, One guy pointed to the small patch of motor oil on the weigh bridge and seemed satisfied when I told him that in the Toyota parts book there is a parts number for it.

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2014 Oberon Steam Fest

P1020545 - CopySaturday, the day of the street parade was cloudless, fine, hot and sunny.  As I walked along the main street to find a good location to view and photograph the parade there didn’t seem to be as many people as previous years.  But five minutes before 10 am both sides of the street filled quickly with onlookers.  

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Australia Day - Camden 2014

P102051326 January 2014 was a dull, overcast, cool but fine day for Australia Day at Camden. I arrived at the showground to find David West busily tying flags and the Club banners to his Diamond T. A short while later Bruce Brown in his faded red Toyota "rice burner" rolled up. He had barely stopped the engine when there was a hive of activity. It was all hands on deck fixing flags, bunting and securing the picnic table and chairs to the truck. The outdoor dunny, a small twist from the hills hoist from the previous year, was righted and tightly strapped down to the deck. Even the kids were belted into the chairs so they wouldn't go missing in transit and the elderly gent in his drizabone coat had his boots glued to the deck too!  

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2013 Convoy For Kids - Goulburn

Saturday, November 9 started like any other day except for the weather.  It didn't know whether to be warm or cold, cloudy or sunny so we had the full selection. I guess we were lucky it didn't pour rain on the parade through town. The WSHTC contingent assembled at the Pheasants Nest Service Centre before heading onto Goulburn and the convoy starting point. We had a pretty good rollup but unfortunately Ross Leonard's Austin and Rod Lovell's Mack had to retire early with overheating problems.P1020356 - Copy

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Clarendon Classic Rally - 2013

P1020289It was a beautiful Saturday morning, 14 September, for the beginnng of the 2013 Clarendon Classic. By the time I arrived the showground was filled to capacity and the temperature was starting to soar. I was met by the sound of Marie Warbie's voice echoing around, advising show goers about displays of particular interest and events about to start. 

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Haulin' The Hume - 2013

P1010878 1067x800I awoke to the sound of the alarm singing its ‘over the top’ cheerie song as it did every workday.  But today was different I had been gearing up for the past two years to take my place in “Haulin’ the Hume”.  Today was special for another reason too.  It was my 34th wedding anniversary and my wife had granted me special permission to go “Haulin’ the Hume”."

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Pre-Haulin' the Hume Test & Tune Run

IMG 0163 1200x800Sunday 21 April was a perfect sunny day to get the ol'girl out for a pre Haulin' the Hume test run just to make certain everything was operating as it should and with out any oil leaks or other dramas.  The participating trucks and their passengers set off from the truck checking area on the Northern Road just beyond the roundabout at Glenmore Park.  The destination was Burragorang Look out for lunch. 

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Gleeman's Pallet Sale

P1010857 1067x800By the time I arrived at the 'Gleeman's Pallet Sale' the parking lot was full to capacity. It was quite a show. There were about twenty or so vintage trucks parked on display. Our WSHTC membership supported this event in force.  The crowd milling around pallets of merchandise reminded me of the showbag pavillion at the Easter Show.

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