2013 Convoy For Kids - Goulburn

Saturday, November 9 started like any other day except for the weather.  It didn't know whether to be warm or cold, cloudy or sunny so we had the full selection. I guess we were lucky it didn't pour rain on the parade through town. The WSHTC contingent assembled at the Pheasants Nest Service Centre before heading onto Goulburn and the convoy starting point. We had a pretty good rollup but unfortunately Ross Leonard's Austin and Rod Lovell's Mack had to retire early with overheating problems.P1020356 - Copy

P1020358 - CopyThis year was a little different to last year's Convoy for Kids.   Andy Nash needed a driver for his Chev tow truck. He gave me a "crashless" course on the idiosyncrasies and vagaries of driving his old Chev and I, for the first time in my life, got to drive a vintage classic in the convoy ...wooo hooo!! I must have been doing something right 'cos the police didn't pull me over for speeding in second gear, steering all over the road or crunching the gears. The whole township, mum, dad, the kids and gran and pop, lined the main street waving and cheering on the trucks as they rumbled their way to the showground.  
P1020384Once parked in the parking area set aside for the vintage trucks, Bruce Brown quickly unloaded his little green jeep. His plan was to drive kids around the grounds and collect donations for Local Kids with Cancer/Severe Disabilities in the process. The kids lucky to score a ride, and there were many, thoroughly enjoyed themselves, not to mention the big kid behind the steering wheel. After a 2 hour non-stop stint Andy took over the big kid's role. Bruce's jeep rides collected $92 for the cause. A magnificent effort!
Just like last year's activities there was the Tug-o-War. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular activity there is a concrete agitator truck on one side and a teams of people on the other side. The object of the exercise is to be the team who can pull the truck the quickest over the required distance.  P1020380This year there were several teams of beefy men who competed against eachother. But the fastest two teams were the 'kids' and the 'ladies'. Perhaps it should be kept in mind that I think handicaps were in play. The sound of the truck was different for the kids - it was accelerating in first gear.  The driver released the hand brake when the ladies had their turn.
What would a vintage truck show event be without the "People's Choice Awards". This year's award for the Best Restored Truck went to our very own Brian Hodges for his smart looking B61 Mack.  Congratulations Brian.P1020386
There were 130 registered trucks plus the trucks of volunteers, such as the fire brigade and WSHTC. So upwards of 160 trucks took part.  Estimated funds raised is expected to be about $35,000 up from last year's $30,000. Every year makes an improvement on the previous one.
We look forward to rattling through the main street of Goulburn in second gear for next year's Convoy For Kids.