Oberon Steam & Machinery Fair

Oberon Convoy - Copy 3On Friday we left home late in the day but caught up to the WSHTC convoy just as it turned off the Jenolan Caves road for the final 15 km's to Oberon.  The convoy, if you can call that, was Andy Nash with his collection of toys on the tilttray leading Bruce Brown in the 'much spoken about rice burning, bio-diesel powered, super-fast Toyota'.

On arrival at the sports ground Bruce unhitched  the caravan, offloaded the jeep, parked the Toyota and then settled down for a barbecue dinner. Andy offloaded his toys with some assistance or may be hindrance from me before we headed off to the Big Trout Motel and our respective wives.  Over dinner Andy, Anne, Jann and myself fixed the world’s problems.
P1030367Saturday was a warm and bright sunny day, the perfect setting for the annual Steam & Machinery Fair at Oberon.  As in previous years the crowd lined both sides of the main street in anticipation of the street parade.  Right on 10am the two pipe bands started up  and led the procession of steam traction engines, tractors, cars, trucks and military vehicles.
After the parade the vehicles assembled in their allotted areas for the day's fun. There was quite a selection of cars.  The smallest car was an Austin 7 which you could put on the bonnet of the  largest car, a Cadillac.  The most unusual car was a Tatra, made in Czechoslovakia, with a V8 engine in the boot.  In bargain corner there was a 1940s ‘jail-bar’ Ford truck for sale. It was
definitely a candidate for a full ground up restoration.
I have often heard the term "steam roller" used to describe a diesel powered machine that rolls ground flat.  But this all changed when I saw a real steam powered roller in action rolling flat an already flat car park.
All things considered it was a wonderful weekend away, seeing interesting things, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  I’m looking forward to returning again next year.