Breaky Run - Tench Reserve, Penrith - February 2013

Any time now...P1010813 1024x768 Master Chef Ron cooking up a treat Sunday, 17 February had a foggy start to the Breaky Run to Tench Reserve, Penrith. Providing I kept that big round glary thing rising in the sky behind me while travelling down the M4 I was heading in the correct direction. After turning right for 2 km's then left towards the Nepean River and ultimately Tench Park I discovered that all of Sydney's personal trainers were running classes, all of Penrith's running clubs and all the cycle club's had events on right where our breaky run was held.

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Australia Day 2013 at Camden

Saturday, 26 January 2013, Australia Day... I thought I was due for a sleep in but the kookaburras decided different. At sun up there must have been a dozen of them all laughing very, very loudly and telling dirty stories.   How do I know they were telling dirty stories? You ask... Well it was the way they all laughed!



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