Breakfast Run at the Razorback 2014

P1020874For some of us who live in the north western side of the city the Breakfast Run to the top of the Razorback meant and early rise.  Scheduled to start at 8.30am, I arrived with plenty of time to spare for  what I thought would be a ‘first in line’ position at the breaky table.  I was wrong....

The breakfast, consisting of gourmet sausages, bacon, and eggs was all cooked and ready to eat when I arrived.  Celebrity chef, young Emily Dove was there, apron on, supervising her staff of many.  A  perfect job by our multi-talented  catering team.

P1020890 - CopyTrevor Supertrucker had arrived extra early. I mean the sun was still in bed when Trevor arrived. He started driving by, up and down  the Razorback sussing out where he would park his red  burbley vintage White rig, waking up the countryside in the process.  He put on a special demonstration showing how to get your truck to scream up and down the Razorback without  crashing the gears. It sounded wonderfully smooooooth!
Pat Vassallo brought his latest toy with him… a 1927 International S63 medium to heavy cab-chassis truck with magneto ignition, crank start tractor engine governed to 1100 rpm and with top speed of 16 mph.  Someone reckoned Pat could increase the speed to 24 mph going down hill in angel gear.. It has no water pump or oil filter. When Pat got the truck it had a turntable on the back, suggesting that it might have been used as a semi-trailer.
There were many trucks, parked in a somewhat haphazard fashion in the parking lot... P1020883