Australia Day - Camden -2015

P1030280Monday, 26th January 2015 marked 227 years since Captain Arthur Phillip landed on Australian soil.  It was also the coldest Australia Day in 50 years.  
Australia Day, what can I say...the atmosphere was a buzz with anticipation and excitement. The air was full of humidity and the highways were a blaze with flashing red and blue!  The more energetic of Camden residents were out very early, pounding the pavement before the start of the festivities.

P1030276Camden Showground was the assembly point for all those taking part in the street parade. Members of the Lions Club of Camden marshalled the wide variety of vehicles into a pre-planned order of appearance for the parade.  There were hundreds of vehicles - cars, hotrods, utes, tractors, display floats and trucks.  Western Sydney Historical Truck Club had a very good showing of vintage trucks this year.
The first cars to arrive were members of the Old Car Social Club at 8am. The last car to arrive and push his way into the parade was Batman in his Batmobile. P1030278 I only got a photo this year because he had to stop briefly for an adjustment to his seat belt or was it the bat-phone?
P1030268As in previous years, Bruce Brown decorated the old “Rice Burner” with an Aussie icon. The first year it was the Hills Hoist, last year the Outback Dunny and the Back yard barbecue and this year it was a replica Qantas biplane with  pilot dressed in authentic uniform. That pilot was a cool guy too... he even let a real QANTAS 747 pilot sit at the controls of the biplane....P1030282
Family groups along the parade route waved enthusiastically and cheered as our vintage trucks rumbled by.
Australia Day at Camden was a fabulous day out.  Unlike many other venues around Sydney the weather was kind. It was comfortably cool and didn’t rain on our parade.