2014 Clarendon Classic Rally


I was strapped into the harness and attached to the pod. There was a jolt followed by an uplifting experience as I was rocketed up to the heavens. It was early in the day but the view below me was really one to enjoy. The exhibits and displays had been set up the day before. But there were a couple of late-comers arriving.



There were quite a few new things to see this year. Paul Dove brought his recently restored blue Sentinel steam truck. He took it for circuits around the grounds like the other steam powered traction engines.  "Sooty" had the loudest whistle...my ears are still ringing!.

This year a steam train - "Thomas" look-a-like tank engine" hauled carriages including "Annabel" and "Clara" along the track from Clarendon station to Richond and back. From the time of leaving the station "Thomas" blew his whistle and continued until he had passed the showground. The steam traction engines and Paul's Sentinel all joined in providing a musical performance.

P1030056A few people with an insane need for speed brought their classical antique race cars or boats. CRS Towing had their racing truck on display. Andy Nash had the "Quarter Pounder" at the show so I was wondering if there were plans to convert it into a racer...

P1030148This year's show was a celebration for Deutz and Dodge Brothers in Australia.  There was a compact display of Deutz air cooled diesel engines, a Deutz truck and a Faun truck with Deutz engine.
P1030120As for the display of Dodge trucks and cars they were spread through the showground.  There were some very well maintained early model trucks from the 1930's to the 1970's.  There were some barn finds among them too. Towards the south-western corner of the grounds there were fine examples of Dodge cars and saloons.

P1030106Walking along the roadway was often hazardous, particularly when it came to the radio-controled model trucks.  The operators were clever in being able to manoeuvre the 1/14 scale rigs around pedestrians who paid no attention to where they were walking.  The speed that some of those semi-trailers and road trains got up to was a very fast walking pace...scaled up to full size, probably 100 kmh.  

P1030099There was the regular display of working stationary engines chuffing away, tractors and the small stalls selling everything from parts,  technical books, brica-brac and food.  It was a wonderful show with something for everyone to see and enjoy. It was similiar to previous shows but different, which is why it is such a successful event.  I'm looking forward to see what next year's show will bring.