Christmas Party at Vineyard Hotel Truck Show

P1020402The Riverstone Hotel holds a truck show every year in memory of a truck driver who died there many years ago.  The story is displayed above the bar in the new section that replaced the original bar that was burnt down a few years ago. The money raised each year is donated to charity.

This year's event did not attract as many trucks as last year, the reason put down to the recent storms and flooding rains. However the weather was fine, sunny and hot and those members who attended enjoyed a wholesome bistro meal and great fellowship in the company of wonderful friends.
WSHTC memmber's trucks that I recognised included Steve's blue Bedford, Bruce's Toyota matt red Rice Burner, Ron's F350 Ford, Dave's Diamond-T, Darrell's blue & white Kenworth, Andy's Chev tow truck, Brian's imMACKulate B61 and Brad's matt black vintage Victory two-wheel 'special duty' truck. There were several members at the show who I recognised from recent club events but I don't know whether they had their trucks at the show. So if you didn't get a mention above - I apologise.
It was a shame we didn't have more members attending as the event was listed on the diary of events as the club's christmas party. We could have had the whole front bar to ourselves. Everyone attending thoroughly enjoyed themselves.