Gleeman's Pallet Sale

P1010857 1067x800By the time I arrived at the 'Gleeman's Pallet Sale' the parking lot was full to capacity. It was quite a show. There were about twenty or so vintage trucks parked on display. Our WSHTC membership supported this event in force.  The crowd milling around pallets of merchandise reminded me of the showbag pavillion at the Easter Show.

If you brought your money with you there was a bargain to be made. And, I saw many of them walking out through the gates. Even while browsing for that elusive bargain there was lots of food and drink on offer to keep your engine going. There was real coffee too! Even Fletch was there filming the 'goss' on the latest restoration and restorable acquisition projects.  
Gleeman's Truck Parts in Alfred Road, Chipping Norton, are sponsors of the Western Sydney Historical Truck Club's major event of the year, "Haulin' The Hume" which is now only two weeks away...