Test & Tune Run for "Crawlin' The Hume" in April

P1020607 2Sunday 16 March- Fine and partly cloudy, not too hot...a good day for the run.  At the starting gate was Ron with his F350, Joe with his KW 'Gold Nugget', Rob with his 'ghostly' blue KW Aerodyne and Brad with his Black Victory two-wheeled 'Special Delivery' rocket. Brad brought the bike for two reasons. His Dodge was still in the workshop in bits and the bike made it easy for him to get ahead of the group to photograph the trucks as they passed by. He just hoped it wouldn't rain.

The scheduled start time was 8am but we waited a little while, in case there were some late comers.

P1020610 2From time to time, as our group went on its merry way, Brad's black figure could be seen perched on the side of the road taking photos...

We made a pre-scheduled stop at Camden to pick up John & Richard in the White 'Road Commander' semi-trailer and Rod, Pauline & the two dogs in the Hino.  After a few minutes chit-chat and the urgent need to get moving, we turned onto the Hume Motorway headed for Marulan. Ten minutes later, perched behind the armco Brad was taking more pics!!

P1020615 2We had been travelling for almost two hours when we passed by Dennis (Buzz) in his Dodge and Willow & Scott in the bronze cab-over Mack, parked on the side of the road waiting for us. There was nowhere for us to pull up safely so they tagged on behind as we rumbled by to the Marulan checking station. By the time we all arrived at the BP Marulan truckstop we had ourselves a convoy. Again a lot more chit-chat and come 12.30 I was damn hungry and urged that lunch was waiting for us at Gunning. Slowly the engines were cranked up and we were lunch-bound. At Gunning, when Brad eventually dismounted from his bike, after all the quick dashes between photo opportunities, his beard was wearing that wind blown look.
We had a long lunch at the Gunning pub. The details of time and meeting location plans for the actual Crawlin' the Hume were discussed and decided upon.  After lunch we packed up and went our separate ways to home.