Menangle Steam Museum - 2014

DSCN2178Story & photos by Noelene West

The weather was perfect not too hot – not too cold – we have been there under both very cold and very hot conditions.

The take-away food there was excellent – both from the Air League Group (hamburgers, sausage sandwiches, egg & bacon rolls) and the ladies working in the train where you can buy fresh sandwiches, yummy cakes, muffins and scones covered in jam and cream.

The spectators were varied from the very old (using their canes and walkers), the mid-oldies, young couples with their young children and teenagers.  A great cross section of people. 

There were a greater number of cars there this time as it was National Heritage Day for older cars – some very   interesting vehicles including the 1901 steam car.  Of course there were plenty of stationary steam engines and the very large steam vehicles. 

The train ride and the tractor ride worked non-stop all day.  The kids and their parents enjoyed them immensely. And of course Bruce was there with his jeep and he found a couple of kids to take in the Grand Parade.

You will notice there a couple of pictures of modern trucks – one in the background of the photo of Bruce’s jeep in the parade.  It was fascinating to sit there watching a 1901 vehicle driven by steam and the other old vehicles in the parade with the freeway in the background.  A blend of very old and new!!!

All in all it was a very enjoyable day!