Oberon Steam Fest February 2016

P1040054   CopyThe plan was to meet for a coffee at 8.00am at the Mount Victoria Caltex Servo.  The run from home was clear and without incident.  Google Maps App said it would take 1.5 hours to drive - It was correct.
I ordered my coffee and sat by the window where I could see the others arrive.  Five minutes into my coffee my pocket started to ring...  

It was Brad Dwyer. His Dodge is still affected by the “Systemic Breakdown Virus” which seems to be going the rounds of the club.  It got as far as Lapstone before having to limp  back home.
Ron Ross turned up spot on 8am, got his coffee then we headed for Oberon. The journey from the servo was completely covered in fog with roadworks spread along the way for good measure.
After taking the turnoff that led us to Oberon the fog thinned out - but only a little bit...  As we emerged from the mystical mist the township of Oberon lay before us on top of the hill bathe in glorious sunshine.   
P1040082   CopyThe numbers of exhibitors (machinery and stallholders) and spectators seemed down on last year.  Even the number of pipe bands seemed to be half strength.  I guess the Gnoo Blas event at Orange, just over the hill, dragged a lot of the interest away.  But what was on display provided a good spectacle.  There was a good showing of about 20 Cobra Sports cars. There were many vintage cars from various clubs, corralled together in the front paddock. There were quite a few tractors and about a hand full of trucks present. Parked beside one of the trucks was a very well restored Ansair Flxible Clipper.  It attracted a lot of admirers.