The Sixth Putty Road Truck Drivers Memorial Service - 2015

P1030719Saturday May 16 was an overcast and sombre day, similar to the mood of those gathered for the remembrance service for the truck drivers who lost their lives on the infamous Putty Road, only metres away.  There seemed to be less people attending and less vintage trucks standing guard this year, but there was a good crowd and the memories live on!
As in previous services there were additional plaques added to the memorial wall. Friends and families spent a moment or two in silence in front of the wall contemplating what was and what is now.  

P1030711The service was a moving and reflective tribute.  Guest speaker, Sonny Warby, spoke of old truckie mates who remain in his memory of his days on the Putty Road.  The garden in front of the memorial wall has been lovingly maintained, and looks splendid this year.  Wreaths were laid at the foot of the wall while the lone piper, Ian Inness, played his tribute to the drivers no longer with us.