Australia Day - Camden 2014

P102051326 January 2014 was a dull, overcast, cool but fine day for Australia Day at Camden. I arrived at the showground to find David West busily tying flags and the Club banners to his Diamond T. A short while later Bruce Brown in his faded red Toyota "rice burner" rolled up. He had barely stopped the engine when there was a hive of activity. It was all hands on deck fixing flags, bunting and securing the picnic table and chairs to the truck. The outdoor dunny, a small twist from the hills hoist from the previous year, was righted and tightly strapped down to the deck. Even the kids were belted into the chairs so they wouldn't go missing in transit and the elderly gent in his drizabone coat had his boots glued to the deck too!  

Funnily enough, Bruce had a very special 'job' for me as I did not have a ride in the parade yet. I was to be the street parade king, seated upon the throne in his 'purpose built' outdoor dunny draped with the Aussie flag and adorned with relics of yesteryear.
We were ready to roll by the scheduled 11.15am start but due to the Citizenship presentation running very late the parade eventually started moving over an hour and a half late.  It was just as well I was situated where I was, the dunny came in very handy while waiting for things to happen. P1020525
There were many vehicles in the parade. There were specially prepared floats, a selection of vintage and classic cars, a couple of them towing a caravan, hot rods, Batman made an appearance in his batcar come rail-dragster, classic Holdens, Toranas and Monaros followed by our convoy of trucks.
Argyle Street, the main drag, was lined ten deep with onlookers - kids, mums, dads and grandparents. There was cheering, whistling and applause from the crowd as the parade moved on its way. My 'throne room' was located so that it faced to the rear of the truck so no-one realised what was going on until the truck passed them and they saw me waving to them.  That was when the laughter and cheers erupted to a deafening roar and the cameras came out to capture the spectacle.  The announcer commented on my "loo with a view" but was concerned whether or not I had my trousers on!
As far as Australia Day celebrations go and despite the 'shitty' job I had, it was a lot of fun!