Breaky Run - Tench Reserve, Penrith - February 2013

Any time now...P1010813 1024x768 Master Chef Ron cooking up a treat Sunday, 17 February had a foggy start to the Breaky Run to Tench Reserve, Penrith. Providing I kept that big round glary thing rising in the sky behind me while travelling down the M4 I was heading in the correct direction. After turning right for 2 km's then left towards the Nepean River and ultimately Tench Park I discovered that all of Sydney's personal trainers were running classes, all of Penrith's running clubs and all the cycle club's had events on right where our breaky run was held.

Parking was a premium. I parked my ute at the side of the road under an old Grampa Ricardoes tree then crossed the road to join the rest of my club members, directly under the M4 road bridge. There was about half the membership there exchanging updates on what they did during the previous week.  Subjects to be addressed on how a local tiltray drivers got bogged was not discussed but certainly laughed about throughout the morning.  But funnily enough nothing was said about the quick release bins on Brad's truck.

Brad and Ron busied themselves cooking up a grand feast which the members enjoyed.  After everyone had eaten, Brad held court updating everyone on results of recent events and collecting numbers of those intending to attend future events. Brad introduced new member Russell White and his trusty assistance dog who goes everywhere with him. I guess that means the dog is also a member. I don't know what the dog's name is, but the club members have called him "Mack". Russell has a Fiat truck so with "Mack" alongside, it was thought that Russell's truck be known as a "Vatican Mack"... It makes sense to me!

The Club's website has now been updated through the efforts of Mike Dodds. Improvements made have seen an increase in the amount of 'muscle' in the site's engine, opening the door for members' sections, facebook and other chat capabilities, improved archival and gallery capability etc., and the ability to manage the site ourselves. Mike emphasised that we need to keep the website interesting and need to keep it up to date, so information from members is needed all the time.