Convoy for Kids - Goulburn - 2014

P1030164 - CopyThe instruction said to assemble at the Pheasant's Nest Service Centre by 7am.  Having picked up my ride at 5.45am we arrived at the destination one hour later.   The parking lot was packed to capacity, mostly with club members trucks.   It is a good place for a coffee, a chat and a toilet stop before heading south to the Convoy for Kids starting line.  
    Bruce Brown wanted to get a photo of our team for the club's history before we set off.   He used his loud hailer to get everyone  together and woke up sleeping truckers in the process.   Afterwards we set off for Goulburn  in two separate mini convoys - the older slower trucks left first  and the faster ones left just after 8.00.

  P1030173  At the convoy assembly point, vehicles that had hitched a ride on the back of faster trucks were off loaded and made ready to 'convoy'.  Truck "No 45", Andy's blue Chev tow truck was put into my care but when it came time to convoy it played hard to start.  Andy's gentle voice got the old girl going after a minute or two.  Was it a threat about the scrap-yard that got her moving?  I don't know and  the chev's not saying!  
There were 141 trucks including 20 from our club that rumbled down the road, through the town centre and onto the Showground.    The crowd lining the main street of Goulburn  cheered and waved as the convoy moved slowly past.
 At the showground fleet trucks and semi trailers were parked outside on the paddock.  Prime movers were located on the bitumen near the function centre. The vinatage trucks were parked against the fence near the public area  where the handicrafts and food stalls, entertainment stage and auction trailer were located.
    When I arrived Bruce Brown was already driving kids around the showground collecting donations for the cause.
As in previous years there was the Tug-O-war between machine and people. This year the mens, womens and kids teams tried their hand at pulling a bulldog called "MACK"-- a prime mover of extreme weight.  The highlight was the kids turn.  
Donated goods were auctioned throughout  the day to help raise funds for disadvantaged children in the Goulburn area.  Bruce collected $175 on behalf of WSHTC as our part toward the day.  
P1030202 P1030201   This year two of our club members won awards.   The award for "Oldest Working Truck" went to the red MACK owned by Cawdor Haulage and driven by Bill.  The award for "Best Vintage Truck" went to the Diamond T owned and driven by David West.
About 3.30pm people started packing up and getting ready to return home.   All in all it was a wonderful day enjoyed by all who took part.  Goulburn Convoy for Kids raised $26,000 for disadvantaged children.