Lockhart Verandah Town's 7th National Historic Truck & Commercial Vehicle Show - March 2015


     I travelled to Lockhart on Friday with Bruce Brown in his, now famous, Toyota DA115. The intention was to travel in convoy with Dave West in his Diamond-T and Peter Hand in his Dodge Paper Truck. However, Bruce & I arrived late at the designated meeting place and so the others left ahead of us.

P1030482Contrary to popular 'true lies' the Toyota is no speed wagon, particularly when it has Bruce's 1941 prototype Willys Jeep inside a protective canopy on board and the caravan towed behind.  The canopy which acts like a full-time air brake on the truck and the strong head winds slowed us down dramatically but we managed to set up camp at the showground before sundown.
    As if on cue a steady stream of vintage trucks, cars and tractors flowed in Saturday morning and took their place.  The arrivals from the day before were repositioned facing the main gate.
    This year the feature vehicle of the show was Dodge and Graham Bros Trucks, the latter being the forerunner to Dodge from about 1919 to 1928.  This feature was to celebrate 100 years of Dodge in Australia.  There were prizes awarded for the Viewer's Choice; the Oldest feature truck;  the feature truck driven the furthest to the show and The Best Local Farm Truck, of any make and in any condition.
The award for  the Viewer's Choice went to a gold Austin Healey 3000 while the Oldest feature truck was awarde to a 1924 Dodge owned by Peter Smith, and the Best Local Farm Truck was awarded to a 1972 Dodge AT4 owned by Janice Anderson;
P1030541    The award for longest distance travelled to the show went to Peter Hands green Dodge Paper Truck. It failed the first two attempts at climbing “Skyline” and returned home each time for repairs - the engine was being starved of fuel when the alternator, which the electric fuel pump was  
connected to, turned off the charge when the battery was 100%. Subsequently the power to the pump turned off too.  Solution - drive with the lights on...all the time.  So at 12.30am Saturday morning, Peter set off for Lockhart, third time successful, arriving just before breakfast, caravan in tow.
P1030466    There were many interesting people and trucks at this show. One was Graham Robb, from Albury, who had a 1942 Ford Blitz military construction dump truck, trailer and 1941 Willys Jeep. All vehicles were in military livery and looked very smart.
P1030485    Another interesting story was from Garry Livingstone, a member of the Urana Machinery Club.  He had brought along his Diamond Reo prime mover, a truck that he had driven from brand new, for ten years, before his boss gave him the truck.  
    Harry and Marj Brown from Stockinbingal, NSW brought their 1962 P1030555Kenworth S900 prime mover & trailer.  It was originally owned by Ansett Freight Express. Harry & Marj have owned it for over 40 years, running interstate until 1990. It was converted into an articulated motor home in 1991 and used until 2010.
P1030524 - Copy    The ladies were not forgotten as there were about 50 patchwork quilts were on display in the big shed.  The quality and workmanship of the quilts was magnificent.  35 of the quilts displayed were supplied by Bruce Brown’s wife Kaye. I am biased of course. My wife, Jann, is a patchworker.
    The crowd numbers were down on last years because of the many other organised events in the district but the show was wonderful. I enjoyed the company of friends - new & old and saw some fabulous examples of living transport history.  I look forward to what next year’s show will hold.