May 25 Breaky @ Mulgoa Park

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Unlike the last  breakfast run, we didn’t have the expertise of 5 year old ‘Chef’ Emily to cook a gourmet breakfast for us.  Instead, rumour had it that Bruce Brown was volunteered to the job after trying to make a reservation with ‘conditions’.  It was also rumoured that Bruce might cremate the snags and over cook the eggs in his “Riceburner”.  There was a lot of concern voiced about Bruce’s cooking ability.

P1020685 - CopyHowever when I arrived at about 8:15am Master Chef Bruce had on his apron and the barbecue all set up ready to cook up a treat.  There was also an excellent roll up of vintage trucks parked side by side.  Members huddled in groups and chatted amongst themselves while Bruce did a great job with his tongs. As time marched on more trucks arrived with hungry passengers who added their voice to the already noisy group.  It was a very successful day, enjoyed by all. And there were no cremations either...well done Bruce.