Convoy For Kids - Goulburn 2015

P1030929Discounting the grey, overcast and often misty weather conditions it was a wonderful day for the 2015 running of the Convoy For Kids - Goulburn.  The weather certainly did not dampen the enthusiasm of the day.  
As in previous Convoy For Kids, the main street was lined with people eager to catch a glimpse of the convoy of modern and vintage trucks that rumbled by and sounding their horns.  There were 123 trucks in total that participated. 

P1030924We had a good showing of trucks from WSHTC including the “Haulin’ the Hume” semi trailer.
One of our latest members, Dean Johnson drove his recently restored US army GMC truck. It was a nail biting exercise just to get the truck registered for the convoy.  The plates only arrived on Friday.  And like many of our members he is passionate about restoration journey that his pride and joy has taken him.  Interested to hear his story just ask him.
At the showground there were numerous stalls offering a wide selection of items for sale.  The most popular was the coffee at the “Rescue Relief Treatment” tent.  Although the line of thirsty customers was  quite long, the girls and boys did a sterling job keeping up with the demand in a speedy and efficient manner.
P1030938A new item of entertainment and most popular amongst the kids was a “climbing wall” in the shape of a tree trunk.  Four participants could climb at the same time.  Even through lunch time there were at least two climbers scaling the wall all the time.  The line of waiting and eager climbers never shortened the whole day.
One of the traditions of the Convoy for Kids Carnival is the competition to tow the Lead Truck of thee convoy in the quickest amount of time.  There are three competitions - The men’s , the women’s and the favourite - the children.  There is never any prize awarded because the children always win on handicap.
Every year there are several awards made to owners of the participating trucks.  Again this year, WSHTC was well represented.  The award for “Oldest Working Truck” was won by Bernie Learson and his Kenworth and the award for “Best Restored Truck” was won by Bruce Gunter and his Commer Knocker.
Those of us who know Bruce Brown and his “Rice Burner” Toyota will also know that he has a 1941 military jeep that he uses to raise money for the cause.  The first thing Bruce does when he parks the truck is to unshackle the jeep and drive kids - big and small around the showground, asking the adults for donations as he drives.  Before leaving the showground he had collected in excess of $250.  A photograph taken, at the handing over of the money to the treasurer was subsequently uploaded to the Club’s Facebook page.  A little while later, via Facebook we received another $50 pledge to add to the total - thanks to Herbie Bugs.
P1030945On the homeward journey several of our members called into Truck Stop 31 for a coffee and to see the wall of
photos of trucks that have participated in the “Haulin’ The Hume”.  It was here the “NO-GO Gremlin” struck again preventing Steve’s Louisville from starting.  With the assistance of those assembled and one good shove the Louisville was underway again, much to a very relieved Steve.
It was a very successful day, raising $38,000 for disadvantaged and disabled children of the Goulburn area.  Everyone who participated thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful day.  And to top it off the president of the Convoy For Kids committee, Bryan Webb expressed the appreciation of the organising committee to the WSHTC for the support we have given the Convoy for Kids over the years.