Lunchtime Mystery Run - Glenmore Park to Nepean Dam

P1030812There were 40 people in 19 vintage vehicles (trucks and cars) and half a dozen every day driver vehicles who lined up at the truck parking area in The Northern Road, Glenmore Park. At 10.00am everyone was eager and ready to take part in the Club’s first lunch run for 2015. 

Bruce Brown gave everyone a run sheet of instructions and directions.  It also included a list of points of interest that would be seen along the way. The plan was for everyone to follow Bruce Brown’s lightning fast Toyota.  A sound idea in theory but it didn’t work all that well in practice. The club’s photographer was caught behind slow traffic behind the field of trucks.  Some quick thinking and incredible driving got some photos of the old girls chugging up the hill to the top of The Razorback.
As we sped past the Thirlmere Train museum there were 5 trucks parked for a ‘wee-stop’.  By the time they were back on the road we would have been a few k’s in front of them.  But surprise, surprise when we arrived at the Nepean Dam for lunch the same 5 trucks had already arrived ahead of much for sticking to the scheduled route, eh boys!! Haha.
Generally speaking the run was very successful in terms of the picturesque route travelled and the support by the members. Some of the newer members made it a family day out and brought along the grandparents and the kids.