"Special Purpose" Tow Truck

quarterpounderThis article is a little off the topic of OLD TRUCKS and their RESTORATION, but in the April 2012 issue of the WSHTC Newsletter there was a photo of a little blue mini tow truck. (shown left) For those readers who have not heard the story of its origins...

It all started with the passing of a 2003 Kia Rio involved in an accident and the birth of the “Quarter Pounder”.

I was originally informed that the guys at Metropolitan Towing seemed to find too much time on their hands, one thing led to another and by the end of it a promotional recovery vehicle for the fleet was born. However, the original idea for the project was that of Andy Nash who wanted a very small vehicle to move his boat around the back yard when the grass needed mowing. The “Quarter Pounder” was the solution. Andy set up a Facebook page for the “Quarter Pounder” project with photos and description documenting every step of work as it was done.

  While he’ll joke with you that the car was cut, shut and modified to within a millimetre of its speed limit, fitted with extractors for quicker response time, and NOS fuel system to give the small block half V8 motor extra power it is purely cosmetic. After all the car is a ’tow’ vehicle, complete with the tow hook assembly, custom-built mini light bar, custom paint, mag wheels and shiny chrome bits.   It also has a large rear window enabling ease of vision when reversing to hook up the boat.

  The “Quarter Pounder” has been seen at various machinery and truck shows and has

managed to pickup several awards. The end result shows what can be done when repairing or

restoring. Putting aside the fact that this vehicle is less than 30 years old the principles quarter pounder 2axle

employed here are essentially the same as when tackling the restoration of an old truck.

Photograph every stage. Sometimes you have to improvise with what you have because the parts needed to complete are just not available, so you need to make or modify the bits you need.

  But Andy...why the extra rear axle? I thought you said you wanted a small car to move the boat... not a prime mover!   Exactly how big is your boat anyway?

sydney slipway black boat