Lockhart Show - 2014

Picture1 LOCK2014Story and photos by Bruce Brown

We set out early on Friday morning for a casual drive to Lockhart. When we pulled  into the checking station at Marulan one inspector ask me “What IS IT?” And then had three go over & under the truck looking everywhere for a non-existent  compliance plate, One guy pointed to the small patch of motor oil on the weigh bridge and seemed satisfied when I told him that in the Toyota parts book there is a parts number for it.

After leaving Marulan we played "leap frog" with Dave and Noelene West’s Diamond T the whole way to Lockhart. I finished a close second after the Diamond T – although I didn’t lose – I just didn’t win.   When we arrived on Friday arvo we were met by some of the organisers who were a most friendly bunch. They directed us to stake a claim near a powered site wherever we liked. 

I was taken aback to find my matt red & grey Toyota had found a long lost relative… another red Toyota!  Only this one had a heart transplant with a screaming UD motor.
There were between 55 & 60 trucks on display, 4 of those from WSHTC. Gary & Rita Schroder turned up in their NRMA Dodge tow truck on Saturday morning.
There were prizes for all items on display - trucks, cars and machinery. A B61 Mack took out 1st prize for the trucks.
There were lots of stalls - antiques, swap meet bits & pieces, and numerous food & drink stalls. For those who wanted, there was sit down Pizza, dessert and tea in the pavilion.  There was a free barbeque breakfast for all the campers on Sunday morning.
We had a great weekend at Lockhart and I, for one, will be heading back there next year if I’m still on the top side of the grass.

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